Friday, January 9, 2015

Multipurpose Helicopter Carrier bodies of Air Asia QZ 8501

The process of search and evacuation of bodies Air Asia QZ8501 still ongoing . With the helicopter , it is very helpful and much needed during the search for survivors .

Although the helicopter has important role , but the operation of the helicopter is still dependent on the weather conditions that can be aired properly . Curious helicopters are to be used to assist in the evacuation of corpses ?

1. Super Lynx
Super Lynk is a military helicopter made ​​in this Inggris.Heli began operation in 1997. The helicopter is equipped with Rolls Royce turboshaft Gem 42-1 . This helicopter also has a volume in the cabin space around 5.2 cubic meters and can accommodate 9 soldiers . While the capacity of a cargo capacity reached 1,360 kg .

2. SH - 60 Sea Hawk
Sea Hawk helicopter with a major utility - and twin-engine medium . Heli is also often used as a submarine detection , prevention cargo smuggling , drugs and other special operations . Heli is also equipped with sonar technology and also 6 tube torpedo launchers .

3. Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin
Dauphin on this heli name is taken from the word dolphin or Dolphin . Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin is a twin-engine helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopter . Dauphin helicopters owned by Basarnas type AS365 N3 . This helicopter is capable of operating in two climate is hot or cold . If airborne helicopter is capable of running up to 306 km / h .

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