Thursday, January 8, 2015

Easy Ways To Shrink Pores

Dilated pores which will cause many skin problems one of which is acne . There are many ways to shrink pores . Anything? he is a practical way to get clean skin with small pores on the face you .

1. Clean Face
Clean your face regularly , will make you get clear skin . First rub your face with cleansing milk and give a light massage on the face . Then wipe with a cotton swab and continued with toner or toners .

2. Tetliti choose products
If you have dilated pores , you should choose a soap product containing salicylic acid . These substances are useful to prevent the buildup of oil and dirt on the face that can cause acne .

3. Choosing a moisturizer
If you have a sensitive face , choose a water-based moisturizer and contains salicylic acid . And if you want to go out of the house , make sure your skin protected from the sun by using sunscreen with at least SPF30 .

4. Mask
Natural ways to shrink pores is to use a mask of fruit and vegetables for example papaya , tomato , kiwi , lemon , yam , cucumber , and also pineapple .

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