Monday, January 5, 2015

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Every human being existing in this world starch has a change from lean, obese to someone who has dark skin and white . Make up is one of the most important supporting element for your desires .

But what about someone who is black ? Someone who is black certainly quite difficult to make a choice in terms of make-up air .

Do not worry , this time I will give Makeup Tips For Dark Skin . Immediately, yuk !

1. Eye shadow
To use eye shadow , should you choose natural colors such as red or brown brick . Avoid the use of eye shadow with a bright color or white . To make eyes look into using light brown color for the upper eyelid and apply dark brown eyelid crease .

2. Lipstick
Using lipstick would be nice if matched with the color shirt or a blend of lipstick and eye shadow that does not make you into a striking makeup . To own lipstick color you can choose the color of dark red, burgundy , copper , and bronze wine . And should not be excessively applying lipstick . It will only make you look into ' Strange ' .

3. Blush on
For blacks the use of blush pink at noon will mempercerah your appearance . Whereas at night you can sweep plum or bronze color .

Those are some tips on makeup for dark skin . Good luck to enhance your appearance :)

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